Nse real time data

We provide Nse realtime data for
live stock charts, nifty live charts, nifty future and stock futures. Our data feeds are compatible with renowned live chart softwares viz AmiBroker® and MetaStock®.

Uncompromised quality real time data of NSE just at INR 500 per month

Our real time data feed is based on the three basic principles:

Fast, Accurate and Reliability

Hence we have met the excellence of a global data feed for both Indian citizens and NRIs from all corners of the world. Almost all real time data consumers are acquainted with our brand. Yes, we are the RTDS, the brand for common peoples!

Now RTDS presenting you the all new full featured nse real time data by its dedicated portal nse-realtime-data.net

Small sized unique software with vast segment coverage as:

  • Nifty realtime data of main, mini-nifty and nifty-futures
  • Nse stocks realtime data
  • Nse historical data for six months in 5 minutes candlesticks.
    Then as you update regularly the live data gets appended daily.
  • Data provider for AmiBroker® and MetaStock®
What are the main features of our realtime data software?
  1. This software can update 300 or 400 stocks simultaneously all at a time.
  2. It provides 6 months of past Intraday data of every stocks.
  3. We give FREE lifetime support if you face any problem.
  4. This software works on all major Operating System platforms such as Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows7.
  5. You can do auto-scanning & exploration with all the stocks simultaneously.
  6. Ordinary broadband internet connection with just 30KB/s speed is enough for this software to work properly.
  7. You can use our data in both MetaStock® and AmiBroker® softwares without any extra charge.
  8. If you have two computers then you can install in both two computers at a time without paying any extra money.
  9. Moreover if you format my computer then you can again install the software without any extra money.
  10. Cross platform compatibility. The same software works fine in 32 bit as well as 64 bit Operating Systems.
  11. Last but not the least is that you are getting Real Time data with uncompromised quality.

“All these features are possible due to our latest technology of Hyper Server that brings you the superior quality & multipurpose data with all the above features at unbeatable price of just INR 500 per month all over world with lifelong FREE support.”

Who can be benefitted from our real time datafeed?

  1. Those who trade with Nifty live charts :
    Nifty traders, both part time and full time traders of nifty cash, mini nifty and nifty futures data for current and next month.
  2. Those who trade with cash stock charts and nse future charts :
    Our datafeed is an indispensable data source for serious technical analysis for cash stocks, nifty and nse future stocks.
  3. Brokers and financial institutions :
    Timely and accurate data is very important for brokers and financial intitutions. So they rely on us.
  4. New comers to stock market :
    Affordable pricing and reliable quality. We have meet both ends. For new comers and stock market learners, pricing is very important factor. From our data feed they are getting the professional quality at reasonably affordable price.

Can I plot Nifty live charts with Bank Nifty live chart and Mini-Nifty live charts?

  • Yes definitely you can plot live charts of Bank Nifty with Nifty and Mini-Nifty all at the same time because our realtime data updates symbols of stocks and futures simultaneously. This enables user to launch exploration or auto-scanning features of MetaStock® and AmiBroker®


Rs.500 per month, Rs.2500 for 6 months, Rs.5000 for 12 months.
Continuous Real Time updation of tick data during trading hours.
Updates all important scrips of NSE Cash & Future. (more than 300 scrips)
Fully automatic Backfill of 5 min intraday data.
Fully compatible with world`s best charting softwares AmiBrokerTM & MetaStockTM.
Works with Trial version of AmiBrokerTM also.
Supports off-market updation of previous data.
You can run in Exploration mode also!
Note that minimum internet speed requirement is 30 KB/s but not 30 Kb/s & this software works in Operating Systems such as Windows XP, Windows Vista & Windows 7(both 32 bit and 64 bit)
Prerequisite Software downloads:(click on the respective link to download)
  1. Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1 Setup.
  2. Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 with SP1 Setup.
  3. Remote support software TeamViewer5
  4. World renowned charting software AmiBroker® (This AmiBroker® is Free trial version for those who dont have purchased AmiBroker® )

(Please Note: MetaStock® and AmiBroker® are paid softwares. We are realtime data provider for these softwares. If you have legal licensed copies of any of these softwares then we would help you to install MetaStock®or AmiBroker® )


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